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Devon based short film - Location needed
by Director Andy Robinson

DATES: Mid October

Location needed for Devon based short film by 'The Forewarning director Andy Robinson'.
The director is seeking a modern living room - possibly with modern furnishings, with reasonable space to allow for placement of lights, and quite enough inside to record dialogue without picking up outside background noise.

Please contact Andy Robinson,theforewarning@googlemail.com if you can help or if you wish to find out more.

Film Call out for cast:


Casting in August. Filming schedlued for October

Written & directed by Joshua Cleave.
Contact: joshuacleave@hotmail.co.uk
Low Pay/No Pay short film

Seeking cast and crew who live locally to Exeter/Teignmouth area and are willing to travel a short distance, as the film will be shot across various local locations.
This is th directors first short film since moving to Devon and is completely self funded on a shoestring budget. All rolls are unpaid.


Three young hikers travel to Dartmoor to be the first to find a Geocache (GPS treasure hunt) for their one thousandth find.

The cache trail leads them to beautiful, untouched locations but the innocent fun soon ends as one of them becomes violently ill. It’s then a race against time to find a cure and save their friend before it’s too late.

Required crew
* Editor
* Sound Recorder/sound designer
* Camera assistant/runner
* Special FX Make-up artist
Required crew Character Profiles

Male Actor 1 (boyfriend)
* Height -5-6ft
* Age – 20-30
* Build – Average build
Character traits – Adventurous, easy going, kind hearted, honest.

Female Actress 1 (girlfriend)

* Height – 5-6ft
* Age – 20-30
* Build - slim
Character traits – Outgoing, kind hearted, brave.

Male Actor 2 (Brother of lead actress)
* Height – 5-6ft
* Age - 25-30
* Build – stocky/athletic
Character traits – Boisterous, arrogant, self centered, immature.

Male Actor 3
* Height – 5-6ft
* Age 50+
* Build – small/slim/frail
Character traits – Vulnerable, friendly, deceitful, violent, false.

Auditions will begin in August. Principle photography will run over three days from October 1st.

Please email a recent head-shot and links to previous work.joshuacleave@hotmail.co.uk

Examples of previous work can be viewed here; http://www.youtube.com/user/poisonjosh

All in the Valley


Project Length: Feature
Format: HD
Production Location: Cornwall (Bodmin Moor and surrounding area)
Principle Photography: September 2012 (Dates TBC)
Director: Luke Hagan
Producer: Corina Skerritt
Website: http://candyladproductions.com/all-in-the-valley/


Joseph Ballam, a Crimean war veteran, returns home with no money, no job and no prospects. When Mr. Lincoln, a wealthy mine owner, offers him the chance to emigrate to the colony of Van Dieman's Land it seems his troubles may be at an end, but there is a catch. In exchange for a new life Ballam must go deep into the Cornish countryside to hunt down the Tallack brothers, a dangerous gang of thieves, and return the money they have stolen from Lincoln's company. Ballam is accompanied by Kneebone, a gruff miner who claims to know where the gang are heading. The bond between the pair grows as they track the men across the moor. However, when they finally come face to face with the brutality of the Tallack brothers Ballam must confront the violence of his past and decide what he is willing to do in exchange for a new life.

All in the Valley is an exciting new take on the classic Western. The film uses the common Western themes of migration, wilderness and lawlessness but but transplants them to Victorian Cornwall, a frontier just as exciting and wild as the Old West.


Please send CV and headshot, plus links to any showreel material to allinthevalleyfilm@gmail.com

Auditions will take place in the South West in mid-August (dates and location TBC).

Cast will receive a copy of film, showreel material, food/allowance (expenses), invite to screening, wrap party, regular updates about film's progress, contract (formal confirmation of agreement) and insurance.


Ballam - Male: 30-35
Joseph Ballam is a former Cavalryman, returned from the Crimean war with no money and no prospects. He struggles to come to terms with his life back at home, so when offered a new life in the colony of Van Dieman's Land he seizes it.
- Required for the duration of the shoot.

Kneebone - Male: 35-40
William "Bill" Kneebone is a tin miner tasked with helping Ballam track down the dangerous Tallack brothers, but once the pair find the gang Kneebone's motives for helping Ballam become increasingly unclear.
- Required for the majority of the shoot.

James - Male: 18-25
The youngest of the Tallack brothers James is also more naive than evil. He has little luck, and isn't that bright, but is unfailing in his loyalty to his older brothers even if the respect is not mutual. When he is captured by Ballam he is forced to act as a guide to the stolen money.
- Required for 7 to 10 days

Uther - Male: 35-40
Being the eldest Tallack, Uther is their natural leader. His behaviour borders on the unhinged and he has violent outbursts. He is vicious and cold hearted, and has no qualms about hurting, or even killing, those who try to stop him.
- Required for 3 to 4 days

Mr. Lincoln - Male: 50-60
Lincoln is a wealthy mine owner used to the finer things in life. When some of his employees steal money from his company he turns to Ballam for help, offering him a new life if he can return the stolen fortune.
- Required for 2 to 3 days.

John - Male: 25-35
Mr Lincoln's secretary and assistant, he is well turned out and very ordered, making sure everything that needs doing gets done. He takes an instant and mutual dislike to Ballam.
- Required for 2 to 3 days


Gideon - Male: 25-30
Gideon Tallack is a miner like his brothers, but is quite different from both of them. Slender, silent, and neatly presented he is the eagle eyed marksmen of the group, always sitting above the action with his musket trained on those below.
-Required for 3 to 4 days

Pentar - Male: 25-35
Pentar Helyer is brother in law to the Tallack's, Pentar doesn't work in the mines but is a fisherman, weathered and beaten in appearance. The bonds of brotherhood aren't as strong with him, and when he is shot by Ballam the others don't even stop to check he's dead.
- Required for 1 to 2 days

Sampson - Male: 20-25
A former colleague of Kneebone and the Tallack's he was fired by Lincoln for trying to steal from the mine. He helped the Tallack's get away with their money, but when questioned by Kneebone he lacks the nerve or the intelligence to cover for them.
- Required for 1 day

Cornish Woman - Female: 25-35
When Ballam and Kneebone come across her in the forest she speaks to them only in Cornish, and eventually agrees to take them to her camp in the woods to question her husband. Requires an the actor to learn and be comfortable performing with Cornish language dialogue.
- Required for 1 day

Cornish Man - Male: 25-35
When his wife brings Ballam and Kneebone to their camp in the woods he is suspicious, but is able to give them some information about the Tallack's movements. Requires an the actor to learn and be comfortable performing with Cornish language dialogue.
- Required for 1 day

Young Farm Girl - Female: 18-25
When James invades her farmhouse to steal food she sees him off with a shotgun, then tends to his wounds.
- Required for 1 day

Stable Owner - Male: 30+
A local stable owner who Ballam speaks to to find work, but regretfully doesn't have anything for him.
- Required for 1 day

Pawnbroker - Male: 25+
Works behind the counter at the pawnbrokers where Ballam trades in his military medals for cash.
- Required for 1 day


Sound Recordist - Own equipment a plus, but not essential

Camera Assistant - Experience with shooting on Canon 7D a plus, but not essential. Will be required to aid with setting up of grip and lighting equipment.

Internship Graduate opportunity

Design & Industry Apprenticeship (Part-Time)
Web Development

decolift logo

May suit a graphic/website designer who wishes to apply their craft in marketing & business development and assign their name to a home electronics innovation website as a testimonial.

* Redesign an elegant and simple web-site, currently at www.decolift.com
* Prepare a simple product brochure
* Develop advertising strategy and social-media solution
* Assist in sales (on extra commission), marketing & business development as the firm grows

Flexible: 1 or 2 days per week initially, although a basic website is needed soon, so the assignment could be front-ended, and it could evolve if the business succeeds Apprenticeship (Paid, subject to experience), plus all travel and other reasonable expenses.
Home-based or Phoenix-based.

You must be a self-starter with very good written and communication skills; flexible and happy to operate autonomously within a micro-business enterprise which as no permanent base yet.

You may have the opportunity to assist in business development strategy, advertising and social-media marketing. You could also represent the company marketing the product directly (on extra commission) to audio-visual retailers, interior designers and private buyers nationwide.

To start with, we need a new (fairly simple) website to give your product a more professional look where you could bring an artistic flair of your own, to which you could put your name.
A variety of tasks could present themselves as and when the enterprise develops.

If this provisional assignment appeals, then please write and also include a short CV with links to or attachments to any work examples to : Dominic.whittome@mainline-energy.com

film Independent, Exeter Phoenix Short Film Commission

UPDATED...The Projectionist

Project Length: Short Film (10-13 minutes)

Project Format: 16:9 HD

Production Location: Exeter

Director: George Graham

Email: gipg201@exeter.ac.uk

The film tells the story of an elderly projectionist who is made redundant. The cinema is transferring to digital projection so he is no longer needed. A young man is hired to be his digital replacement whom the projectionist must train to use the box before he leaves. The conflict lies in the tension between the old and the new and the respect they must reach for one another as their surprising similarities unfold.

Character Bios:


Oliver Serry lives alone and since his wife passed away his only joy in life comes from his work as a projectionist. When he is made redundant, he must learn to accept the arrival of the new or suffer depressing isolation.


Andy lives with his father and has an aspiration for digital filmmaking: editing, stop-motion, making his own shorts. When he gets the job as the new digital projectionist at his local cinema he is overjoyed. However, his disapproving father and unwelcoming colleague stand in his way.


David is the manager of the cinema. After being offered a deal to switch to digital projection he must let his projectionist go to make way for the new technology. He is an unsympathetic but jokey boss.


Michael is Andy's father. The pair live alone together. He feels that his son's filmmaking should remain as a hobby and is uncomfortable with his career choice.





Email gipg201@exeter.ac.uk if you are interested in auditioning and we'll let you know about dates.

Useful links

South West Screen- www.southwestscreen.co.uk
Encounters Film Festival- www.encounters-festvial.org.uk
inets South West creative Industries- www.creativeindustriesi.net/
UK Film Council- www.ukfilmcouncil.org.uk
Devon and Cornwall film- www.devon-cornwall-film.co.uk

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